Protect your investment this season with our hassle free storage options to keep your boat out of the elements all winter long. Our storage plans also include all the necessary services to get your boat ready for the winter and the upcoming season so you can enjoy a hassle free offseason and summer. Our goal is to make owning a boat as easy as possible, so by removing the hassle of storing, maintaining, and trailering your boat we can create stress free boat ownership.

Signature Service Club ($3995)

Maximize your boating season by enrolling in the Signature Service Club. An annual membership saves you time and money while increasing the enjoyment on your boat with a hassle-free summer of fun. Signature Service eliminates the seasonal stress from owning a boat with full service storage, valet, cleaning and servicing – letting you focus on having the best summer ever.

Signature Service Club Benefits:

  • 10% Off WakeShop Gear
  • Indoor Storage (October – April 1st)
  • Summerization
  • Spring Service (Major or Minor Service)
  • Exterior and Interior Boat Wash
  • Spring Valet Delivery
  • Summer Dockside Service (Major or Minor Service)
  • Fall Valet Pickup
  • Winterization

Premium Storage ($2849)

Our Premium Storage option offers 6 months of indoor storage from October to April 1st, as well as your routine summarization and winterizations with an additional 50 hour service. Drop your boat off at our Redmond location and we will take care of the rest. Our service department will take care of all the service needs and then transport your boat to our offsite indoor storage facility where your boat will be kept until it is ready to be summerized and taken home for the summer!

Premium Storage Benefits:

  • Indoor Storage (October – April 1st)
  • Winterization
  • Summerization
  • Oil Change Service

Standard Storage ($2349)


Our standard storage option offers 6 months of outdoor storage (October – April 1st) on site at our Redmond location, this includes shrink wrapping of your boat to keep it safe from the elements throughout the offseason. The standard storage option also includes a winterization, summerization, and a 50 hour service to make sure your boat is ready to go when the new season rolls around.

Standard Storage Benefits:

  • Outdoor Shrink Wrapped Storage (October – April 1st)
  • Winterization
  • Summerization
  • Oil Change Service

Why Indoor Storage?

Indoor storage keeps your boat protected from all of the elements that Washington likes to throw at us all year long. Boats are made to get wet but when the inside of your boat is damp all year long from constant rain and snow, mold begins to develop inside and can cause damage to your boat. Indoor storage not only protects your boat from the elements, but also from theft and or vandalism. Our indoor storage facilities are ready to keep your boat safe, warm, and dry all winter long.

Why Outdoor Shrink Wrap Storage?

Our outdoor shrink wrap storage is a cost friendly alternative to our indoor storage programs. We want to keep your boat protected from the elements and theft or vandalism all winter long. We do this by shrink wrapping your boat so it is tightly covered and protected. A standard boat cover will usually allow some water to get in, especially during harsh rain or snow storms, a shrink wrap cover will keep everything out all winter long. We use the same shrink wrapping when shipping boats across the country to keep them safe and protected.

Why Winterize? 

Winterization is crucial in order to protect your motor during the off season. If a boat is not properly winterized, moisture will be trapped in the interior components of the engine, which will cause corrosion. Corrosion or rust in an engine is equally as destructive as a block that freezes and cracks. Proper winterization includes professional anti-corrosion techniques to keep your boat safe during the winter so it will be ready to go when the nice weather rolls in.

Storage Options 

All of our storage options are setup to keep your boat protected all winter long. We also include winterizations and summerizations with all of our storage packages to make sure that your boat is protected both externally and internally so it remains in its same great shape throughout the winter and is ready to go for the summer. Your engine needs protection from the winter elements just like the rest of your boat. Cold temperatures mixed with the fluids and moisture that can get trapped in your engine can cause corrosion to the internal pieces of your engine. Keeping your boat safe and protected helps protect your investment while also allowing you to have the longest, hassle free summer possible.

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