Why Tige?


Riding at the forefront of innovation is where the legend of Tige Boats was born, and we build on it year after year with new innovations and technology that are geared around creating your perfect day on the water. From the new GO System and TAPS 3T to handcrafted interiors, you will find yourself surrounded by more standard features than any other boat brand. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy great days and even greater memories.


Tige offers more standard features than any other boat manufacturer.

ZX Standard FeaturesTige Wake Boats Smart Wheel

  • TIGE CLEAR 11″ Screen
  • Isotta Smart Wheel
  • GatorStep Flooring
  • Alpha E2 Powered Tower
  • XL Ballast
  • WetSounds Premium Audio
  • Tige Keyless Ignition
  • Silent Surf Exhaust
  • InCharge Phone Holder
  • Rearview Camera
  • Transom Flip Up Seats


Whether you’re setting up for wake surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or heading home, the all-new GO System powered by TAPS 3T makes dialing in your boat literally effortless. Just push ‘GO’ and your cruise control, ballast, and TAPS 3T settings will automatically be set. No set up or dialing in instructions needed! You’ll get massive barrels right out of the box.

Our skilled and passionate team spent hundreds of hours on the water to integrate the hull design, surf plate technology, and powerful actuators into the most sophisticated and intuitive interface in the industry. The GO System software is designed specifically for each Tige model so your waves and wakes are on-demand and on-point.


Just push GO and TAPS 3T will deliver perfect swells and massive wakes. Built on years of success, TAPS 3T was engineered with the most effective and forward thinking technology available. TAPS 3T and the natural performance of the CONVEX V HULL forms the longest, most perfect and powerful surf wave on either side of the boat.

The TAPS 3T exclusive plate designs utilize military grade actuators that withstand over 3 tons of pressure, giving you more reliability than any other surf system on the market. TAPS 3T was tested down to the millimeter so that it will deliver consistent waves, set after set.

Whether you’re setting up for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or just a cruise, the GO System makes dialing in performance literally effortless. Just push ‘GO’ and you’re underway with your perfect wake. No setup or dialing in instructions necessary!

TAPS 3T maximizes the natural capabilities of the Convex V Hull. Any configuration or running attitude necessary to create optimum performance is the product of TAPS 3T shifting the Convex V Hull into its prime performance position.


Tige’s masterfully engineered Convex V Hull and TAPS technology makes Tige the first and only inboard to feature full trim capability.

Versatility is at the heart of every Tige model. Only with a Tige will you experience the most powerful wave and most push found anywhere between the oceans, the biggest wakes for wakeboarding, and the most accessible slalom set with your family and friends in tow. Our Convex V Hull (Patent #6874441) is curved up toward the transom with a continuous rocker similar to that of a wakeboard or surfboard. Every millimeter has been calculated, sculpted, and proven to work in synergy with nature, the laws of physics, and, more specifically, the Coanda Effect— the effect causing fluid to adhere to a curved surface.

Better fuel economy. Our unique hull shape was designed to work with the flow of water. This combined with the Indmar Raptor engine and our precise torque ratios are sure to save you more than just your time at the pump.



Tige CLEAR is positioned exactly where you would want it to be — just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. With the clearest forward-visibility, largest surface area, and brightest screen in the industry, our intuitive interface allows you to easily access all the action on an 11″ tablet-sized touchscreen. Tige CLEAR is standard on all 2021 Tige models.

The Tige Clear User Experience is the next-generation of on-board technology and is sure to elevate everything about your boating experience. With the largest surface area, brightest screen, and clear forward visibility, you can easily navigate through your day on the water with highly intelligent design, intuitive control, and always a clear view ahead.

2022 25ZX

Discover huge performance, leading-edge tech, and head-turning design on the Tige 25ZX. The 25ZX may be big, but we paid attention to all the little things. With seating for 19 and ample storage, the 25-foot flagship will allow for your whole crew to come along for a day full of wakesurfing, wakeboarding, or skiing.

2022 23ZX

Load up your family and friends and share the stoke of next-gen styling, luxury, and now, easier-than-ever performance with the GO System. Packed with ingenious storage, thoughtful details, and massive performance, the 23ZX is sized and styled perfectly to take over the best-selling length segment of the inboard market.

2022 21ZX

The 21ZX is the perfect boat to serve up great days and even greater memories. Boasting a deep freeboard, tons of storage, and the largest bow and cockpit space in the segment, the 21ZX packs everything you love about big boats into a convenient 21′ package.

2022 24RZX

First-class style and first-in-class innovation are just two ways the award-winning 23RZX sets the bar. The 23RZX is recognized as one of the world’s best wakesurfing and wakeboarding boats on the market by the WAKEWORLD RIDERS CHOICE AWARDS. That’s because 23RZX goes big, not just in size, but in performance, versatility, luxury, storage, and freeboard. Simply put, the 23RZX is the best of the best in every aspect imaginable.

2022 22RZX

The Boating Industry has spoken. The 22RZX is the AWARD WINNER for the top product on the water. Surf, ski or wake? No problem. The 22RZX can pick up whatever you’re throwing down, and out-perform every other boat on the water. Boasting the largest and most intuitive TOUCH SCREEN, the GO System powered by TAPS 3T, and intelligent SMART WHEEL controls, the 22RZX is truly a complete innovation. It’s ready… are you?

2022 20RZX

Confidence comes from many factors, but it comes alive in the 20RZX. Sleek yet spacious styling, the 20RZX boasts the deepest freeboard, the widest beam and more storage than any boat in the 20-foot segment. It’s big on style even in its smallest details, staying true to Tige design.

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